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How to masturbate tips

how to masturbate tips

Gay Sex: Masturbation Tips for Gay Men

Let's Masturbate!


I like to use both hands with one cupping the head. Then when I've spurted onto my fist, I rub the cum over my arse crack and give myself a good fingering with my own juice. I also like to masturbate with other people.

Fun in the Sun

In a secluded place in the sun, lying on a lounge chair outside, I lift my ass onto a small pillow, put KY jelly on my left hand, stroke my cock, letting the sun warm my balls. This encourages the KY jelly to run down my ass crack, so I can insert a finger of my right hand from behind, into my anus. After I cum, I lie back in the sun and have a little nap -- wake up horny again. Sun + sex + solo is wonderful.

My Pretty Face

I like going back summersault (ass over face) so my cock is pointing at my face. This way I can have the clear sticky pre-cum drip onto my face, have great close up looks at my cock and squirt my load down into my open mouth. I usually squirt twice into my mouth and then splash my face with the rest. I love watching this in a mirror.

I keep my cock and balls hairless and I like to put baby oil all over them. Them I have a leather strap thing that fits around my cock and balls and snaps between my balls. After playing with my cock a while I get hard as a rock and the leather thing keeps the blood in my cock. Jacking it off with the baby oil that way give me the biggest cum It feels like the head is going too blow off. Try it you'll like it.

While jerking off with some sort of lubricant, mount something like the corner of the bathroom sink so that your balls are rubbing. This adds intense pleasure to your nut sack. Also, try lubing up something like your toothbrush handle and stick it up your ass while jerking. it hit's the G-spot nicely

For the guys out there, this usually involves watching some porn and getting really excited first. After you are horny, get some plastic wrap and put it over your finger (like a condom). Then dip it in Vaseline. now lay on your back with your legs in the air and jack off. About half way to climax, start rubbing your asshole with. After a while, it will just kind of slide in. Now kind of pump it in and out until you come. Feels great.

Rhythm method

I like to lay on my back with my boxers at my ankles. then I take it slow. then fast. then slow. then as I cum, i caress my balls. and let my jizz go all over my nuts.

Lie on your back and lift your legs so that they are over your head and your dick is above your face. Then wank yourself so that you cum all over your face and make sure your mouth is open to taste the cum. It has no taste but feels thick, creamy and hot inside the mouth.

I like to pretend I'm sucking a guy off when I masturbate - so I usually get something soft like a a banana and suck it while I masturbate.

I like to hang upside down with my mouth open and whack off to K-Y Jelly. When I cum I make sure I catch it with my mouth. Then I take some ice (crushed) and eat it while the cum freezes in my mouth. It is wonderful.

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