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[HOW TO] Perform a Scorpion Taxidermy


As a few of you may know we recently lost the first scorpion we bought, our male P.imp Tank.

As its our first i decided i wanted to keep him so had been looking into ways i could preserve him and was sure i had read a post by ladyriotcontrol on taxidermy so after a lot of hunting i found it and decided to give her method a go, also decided to make a picture log to post to show how i did it and how he turned out (good or bad lol)

Firstly here is the link to Ladyriotcontrols original post (thanx lisa for posting it, its a great method)

Now here are the pics.

This is him before i started

First i cut along the top of the stomach segments (this is quite hard its like cutting leather! you need a really sharp knife)

Then i scooped out the insides (nice lol) and then used a cotton bud with alcohol gel and disinfectant to make sure he was all clean and then dried with another bud, then i stuffed him with fluffed up cotton wool being careful to check with the photo of him i took before to make sure he looked right.

Then i cut a small piece of card around the same length of the stomach cut and slid it in so that there was something to glue the body back to, i also coloured this piece of card a dark brown to match the colour of the other side of his stomach, and glued him back up. Once he was dry i got him ready for hair spraying by arranging his legs and bluetacking his pedipalps open. I found i really had to push the bluetack right down in the gap where the claw opened for them to stay open but so that you couldn't see it.

Then i laid him on his back and sprayed all over (apart from the tail) using a cotton

bud to dab off any drips on the hairs and body.

Then once dry (i cheated and used a hairdryer to speed up the process)i turned him over and positioned him how i wanted him to look by using bluetack to hold the tail up in place, and sprayed him again (i used quite a few layers of spray for the top to make sure the tail stayed up) once again i used a hairdryer to speed up the drying process. (i'm so impatient) then removed the bluetack.

Then i thought hmmm what the hell am i gonna do with him now.

So decided that to make sure he stayed safe he needed to be in some sort of case/box and decided to utilise an empty cricket box (until i find something better)

So i took the lid of the cricket box and turned it upside down and mixed a load of substrate with PVA glue and stuck it to the lid (not knowing if it would work lol) then once the glue had dried i sprayed it with hairspray for some extra hold, once dry i took a pin and the scorpion and stuck it up through the box and substrate and into the scorpion and this is what it looks like. i can then use the cricket box to go over the scorpion to keep him safe. this is really only a temporary measure until i can find something more professional looking like a plaque and some sort of glass dome.

Im also going to add a cricket or locust into his pedipalp at some point think that will look awesome!

Here's some larger ones of the finished scorpion.

So there you go my attempt at taxidermy lol

And again big thanx to Ladyriotcontrol as this is her method!

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