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How Far Apart To Plant Red Tip Plants & How to Care for the Shrub

how to plant red tips

Red tip has young red leaves set off against older green ones.


A mature red tip can spread to a width of about 10 feet. The plant is susceptible to leaf spot and other fungal problems if spaced too close to other plants or grown in wet conditions. When growing one of these plants as a specimen, ensure that it's located at least 6 feet away from other plants, to allow for its final size and give it good space for air circulation. When using red tips to make a hedge, space individual plants about 5 feet apart. This spacing eventually produces a dense hedge but still allows enough space between plants to minimize the likelihood of disease problems.


When planting a red tip, choose a site that gets full sun for at least 4 hours each day. The plant can tolerate partial-to-full shade for a few hours, especially in the hot afternoon hours, but might flower less and grow

more slowly under these conditions. Red tip tolerates any type of soil, provided it's well-drained. If your soil contains clay and holds water for long periods, you can improve its drainage by mixing in some fine sand at planting. Adding compost to the soil also helps boost its organic content and can give a new plant a good start.

Feeding and Watering

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