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How to play darts tips

how to play darts tips

Dart Tips

What do you do with fingers not involved in the grip? It is best to spread them away or keep them in the same position when you pull back and release. If you make a fist when you pull back the dart, the small finger should not touch the palm. If this happens, you will encounter stiffness in your hand when releasing the dart.

Be aware that chalk, iced beverages and weather may have detrimental effects on your grip. If your fingers get dry and slick, use wax to improve grip. If your hands get sweaty, use chalk. SALIVA - DISGUSTING.


Holding the dart too far from the body increases the possibility of error and increases fatigue. Keeping it too close reduces pull back movement and acceleration during release.

The correct stance is right foot forward for right handers and left foot forward for left handers. At what angle to keep your foot against the oche is personal preferance.  You have two choices - sideways or facing the board and majority of good dart players will face sideways.

While standing sideway, you could place your foot at a slight angle or flat against the oche.  Standing flat against the oche puts your shoulders, throwing arm, elbows and your eyes on the same line reducing the possibility of your arm moving side-to-side and your elbow drifting away from your body.  This is how Phil Taylor throws with the elbows the first to lead his throwing action.  However, based on your body structure, this may not be practical for everyone and it doesn't work for me with my long lower arm.

Your other

option which is not very popular is facing the board with your front foot pointing at the bull’s-eye and your back foot behind you and to the side for maximum balance and comfort.

Throw line. Practice to determine from which position your darts travel straight while standing comfortably.  Mark the area with chalk so that you consistently return to the same area on the oche to throw your darts.  Technically, while at the oche, your  shoulder should be pointing to the centre of the board.  However, this may not work for everyone and you will find right handed players playing slighly from the right and left handed players playing slightly from the left.  When you experiment, try not to go too far away from the centre of the board.

Balance. In every point of the throw you must stay perfectly balanced.  Your weight will mainly rest on your forward foot, while your rear foot will hold enough weight to perfectly balance your stance. Remember, no matter which weight distribution you use, your stance must be rock-solid.

Leaning forward. gets you closer to the board but also makes your throw more physically demanding and unstable. It can also lead to back, hip and leg problems. Getting closer to the board may not enhance your game. Lean just enough to enable a steady balance with your rear foot firmly on the ground.

The dart must travel along the parabolic curve to maintain it's course and reach it destination. The curve may vary from high to low depending only on how powerful the dart is thrown.

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