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How to play hearts tips

how to play hearts tips

One of my favorite strategies to playing this game is on the initial passing of the cards, get rid of all the clubs you have in your hand (or at least as many as possible). This gives you a distinct advantage because if you have the King or Ace of Spades, you can get rid of it in the first trick if you run out of cards.

Elimininating all your spades or hearts in the initial pass is a bad move because you could end up getting all high-level cards that make it extremely tough to avoid getting points. I mean there's a small chance you might get off scot-free, but the odds are against you if you do this.

Slip in your high-level hearts cards either when you want to break hearts for this round, or if the lead card is not a heart.

In fact, the best thing to do is get rid of all your high-level cards,

especially if you can avoid leading on a trick. Slip them in when the lead card is not the suit as your high level card (I.E. throw in a Ace of Diamonds when the person leads the trick with a four of clubs.)

"Shooting the Moon" (Getting all of the hearts AND the Queen of Spades) should not be purposely attempted because it's very easy for an opponent to stop you, even unwittingly.

One last word of advice I can give you too, pay attention to what the highest card in the trick is. If you're stuck playing a heart, and the other card is a seven, nine, jack, etc. play the next-lowest card to the highest rank of the trick to get rid of some trouble cards. (I.E. If the highest is a queen of hearts, put in your jack of hearts or ten of hearts).

Hope this helps you win big!

Rick L · 8 years ago

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