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The only tax lien data service providing FREE telephone numbers!

Notices of Federal Tax Lien (NTFL) are filed by the IRS with local state and county governments. This information is public record. We gather this public record information for you, so you don’t have to. All of our data is manually verified twice, by real human beings. All pricing options are subject to our Terms of Service .

  • We collect tax lien data every day, as liens are filed in public records, from approximately 80% of the U.S. (by population)
  • We collect individual and business IRS liens only — no state or local tax liens.
  • We generally only collect liens above $5,000.
  • Telephone numbers are provided at no extra charge for any lien record we are

    able to find a phone number for.

    For a comprehensive explanation of how to use Federal tax lien filings for obtaining new clients, please refer to this tax lien marketing tutorial .

    Subscription Plans

    Unlike most other services, there are no extra fees for use of any particular search criteria. All tax lien subscription plans are automatically charged each month on your signup date. We have greatly simplified our subscription structure, and now offer simple subscription plans that provide enough monthly download credits for you to access all the liens you need each month depending upon the size of your business.

    When comparing to INFT, take into account that they will also always charge you 5 cents extra per phone number, but with, all phone numbers available are included at no extra charge.

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