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How to put on french tips

how to put on french tips

How To French Manicure

Have you ever thought, how nice it would be to know how to French manicure yourself?

By following these easy French manicure instructions, you will have a beautiful manicure for any time, day or month of the year.

Doing a manicure yourself, will save you the time and money of going to a salon. And, you can buy some great kits to help you.

Once you get the hang of it, a this type of manicure is easy; basically it is just coloring the tips of the nails. My daughter loves to have different colors painted at the tips of her nails, but usually the typical color is white.

Some people will opt for all sorts of other French manicure designs.

Easy French Manicure

You will need;
  • cuticle pusher (orange stick wooden or steel pusher)
  • cuticle clipper

  • nail file

  • nail buffer

  • paper towel

    1. Remove any nail polish you have on, preferably with a non acetone finger nail polish remover.

    2. File and shape your fingernails so they are slightly square.

    3. Next using a cuticle softener or oil such as olive oil, almond or sunflower oil. Rub into your cuticles, and then soak your fingernails in warm soapy water for about 5 min, this will soften your cuticles.

    4. Dry each fingernail with a paper towel and then gently push excess skin off around cuticles, with cuticle pusher so they are all even on each nail.

    5. Trim any excess skin off from around your nails with the nail clipper. Hold clipper in the palm of your hand when doing this.

    Be careful not to cut your skin, you just want to remove the dead skin you have pushed back.

    6. Using the pointed side of your cuticle pusher, gently clean under each fingernail.

    7. Buff your nails, so you create a smooth surface.

    Next step - How To French


    • base coat
  • white color for tips of nails/French manicure pen/French manicure strips

  • Best nail polish (pale pink, beige or nude color)

  • top coat

  • nail polish remover

  • small paint brush

    1. Apply base coat to your nails.

    2. Apply the white color to your nail tips (two coats). It doesn't have to be neat, it can be messy.

    3. Using paint brush, dip into nail polish remover.

    5. Shape your white tips with the brush.

    Be careful you don't have too much nail polish remover on your brush.

    To make the white tip even easier, put clear tape over your nails, leaving enough length at the top of your nail for the white tip. Paint just over the tape to give you a nice line for the white tip.

    Wait until dry, remove tape.

    An even easier way, is to purchase a manicure kit, which will contain guide strips. Affix the strip to below the tip of a nail, following its natural curve. The guide will allow you to paint an even white nail tip.

    6. Apply the sheer nail polish to the base of the nail, do not put over the white tips you have just done.

    It is easier if you paint the nail with the nail polish sideways. You can apply 2 coats.

    7. When dry apply the top coat to help blend the two colors together.

    Put nail polish on from the base of the nail, to the tip of the fingernails.

    I find using a manicure kit, an easier option, but if you like a challenge, then get that paint brush out, and get going.

    By following the French manicure instructions in the kit, can make it relatively easy.

    Once you know how to french manicure you will be the envy of all your friends. You may even find people asking you to do their fingernails as well!

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