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How to put on nail tips

how to put on nail tips



Match tips to size of each one of your nails by placing nail tip at the end of your nail overlapping your nail 1/2" you will notice a groove on nail tip. *Nail tip should fit from side to side of your nail perfectly.

Use Zebra File to Gently Take shine off nail tip. Acrylic will adhere better.

Wipe off nail bed with alcohol, no need for costly sanitizers.

Put Glue in groove of nail tip and press to end of your nail overlapping 1/3" press and hold for 1 min or until it sticks.

Use nail clippers to cut nail to desired length. File with zebra File for desired shape. *Do not push cuticle back this is done after acrylic is laid.

Keep remover bottle nearby-used to keep brush clean.

Dip primer brush in primer put primer on your nail and the tip. Prime twice, clean brush on paper towel. *This acrylic dries fast-you will appreciate this and soon be a pro!

Put powder into blue dish, put liquid into other blue dish. Never put liquid you use back into bottle of acrylic. Dispose of remaining liquid and wipe out dish.

Dip other brush into

liquid-Tap excess liquid off. Keep brush clean by dipping into remover and wiping on towel while laying acrylic. Keep wet by dipping into liquid frequently.

Put tip of brush into powder and hold until you get a ball and it is filled with liquid.

Apply to middle of nail and pat towards the cuticle. Dip liquid into liquid and stroke it clean-works fast!

Clean brush-Repeat process with 2nd Ball toward end of tip. *Clean brush in remover immediately.

After doing each nail-use orange wood stick to push back cuticle.

This method prevents acrylic going onto cuticle and you can file behind cuticle to get acrylic thinner. *Remember-the thinner the acrylic the less it will lift.

Use black file to file nail then zebra, then 3-way block to bring nail to high sheen. *Acrylic is strong, use force in filing, it bonds better. Drills are not necessary, drills create permanent ridges on your nail bed. *Finish with top coat and polish, base coat, not necessary.

*Polish changes are the maintenance between files. No more than once a week. Take polish off with acetone remover.

File cuticle area with zebra and 3-way block to smooth. Nails should last 3-5 weeks before fills.


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