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How to read tax maps

how to read tax maps

Tax Assessment Map Gallery

There are three ways to obtain Tax Assessment Maps:

  • Use the search tools above to view and download Tax Assessment Maps online at no charge.
  • Use Maps Online to view detailed tax parcel reports, aerial photography and environmental data as well as to print maps.
  • Order paper copies of the Tax Assessment Maps for a fee.


These maps are a visual inventory of the recorded legal documents which define property ownership in our county. The map does not take the place of any of these legal documents, and does not determine ownership rights. The precise location of property boundaries on the ground must be determined by a land surveyor registered to practice in the State of Illinois. These maps are presented for public use on an as-is basis, with no guarantee of accuracy or completeness.

Your use of this application confirms that you have read and understood this disclaimer.

The county grants visitors the right to access these map images for personal use and internal business use. The county retains the right to exercise its copyright in the case of commercial uses. Contact us with any questions concerning this policy.

Using the Tax Assessment Map Gallery

The tax assessment map gallery lets you view and download parcel maps at no charge. You can find a

parcel map by street address, Property Index Number (PIN) or map page number. The PIN for a tax parcel will be found on its tax bill or assessment notice. Once a map is displayed you can:

  • Zoom in and out
  • View different parts of the map by panning
  • Print what you see
  • Cut and paste portions of the map into a word processing document
  • Navigate to adjacent map pages by clicking on directional icons
  • View maps from previous years
  • Exit to begin another search

If this is your first visit to this application, you should read the detailed help on how to use this application.

Ordering Paper Maps

Paper copies of the same parcel maps are available for purchase.


Published annually, in the first part of each year, these maps are up to date as of the last business day of the preceding year, usually December 31st.


Tax parcel boundaries, road rights of way, tax code lines, railroad tracks, water features and condominium units. Annotation includes: Property Index Number (PIN), property location address, street name, lot and block numbers, dimensions, railroad names, subdivision names, tax code numbers, lake names, acreage on selected parcels and condominium unit numbers and names.


All maps are at a scale of 1 inch = 100 feet.

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