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How To Receive Your Tax Refund Fast!

how to receive tax refund

Fast Refund Success!

Filing online is going to be your best bet for receiving your refund in a fast, convenient manner. Our recommendations are as follows:

  • Find out if you qualify for free online tax filing.
  • Decide if you want to file yourself or have a qualified tax company assist your e-filing needs.
  • Set up a direct deposit with the IRS to ensure quick and easy, no hassle money transfer.
  • Ensure all of your tax information is correct.
  • File before April 15 th .

Tip : Paper filing ( sending your taxes through the mail to the IRS ) can take up to six weeks from the time the IRS receives the paper work to issue you a tax return check.

Tip: E-Filing (electronic filing through an online upload) takes the IRS no more than 3 weeks to return your tax refund.

Tip: Set up direct deposit from the IRS to your bank account so you receive your refund instantly rather than waiting for paper mail to show up. You can set up split direct deposit for up to 3 domestic accounts. For example: Checking, savings, IRAs, retirement, etc .

For direct deposit or split direct deposit, you must fill out an 8888 tax form .


This is a serious matter that will make for a little extra work as well as the last little bit of compromise.  Most of the time, filing jointly will allow for lower taxes depending on current incomes.  The only way to file jointly will be if you were married before December 31 (End Of Tax Year); and if you meet those requirements, you still have to agree on the joint tax file.  If you were divorced on or after December 31, then you are considered single or head of house hold. If you would like more info on Taxes and Divorce, click here .

Let’s Look At Reasons

You Might Not

Get Your Refund On Time

    Mathematical errors on your tax form Misinformation on your tax form You filed a paper tax return through the US Mail You chose to receive your return as a paper check through the US Mail You waited until the very last minute to file your taxes You mailed the tax return to the wrong address

Double and triple checking your work is going to be your keys to success!

By all means, take the extra 20 minutes and double check ALL of your information. This keeps you from having to re-do your returns, waiting even longer to receive your big check, or even worse….GETTING A TAX AUDIT!

Here Is A Check List For Proofing Your Tax Returns

  • Check all spelling
  • Make sure all dates are correct
    • Birthdays
    • Work Dates
    • Today’s Date
  • Make sure addresses are correct
    • Home address
    • Business address
    • Work address
  • Recalculate and double check ALL math figures
  • Double check Tax ID or Social Security number
    • Make sure your spouse’s SSN or Tax ID is correct
    • If you have dependants, make sure their SSNs or Tax IDs are correct
  • Make sure you’ve put the correct information on the correct lines.
    • If you are paper mailing your taxes, use a straight edge to make sure you’re on the correct line.

Using an e-filing software allows for quick uploads, quick responses, help on what forms to fill out, help gathering all your information, and assurance your tax refund made it to the IRS much earlier than the snail mail method.

Online Security is has improved so much over the last 5 years that we don’t need to worry about whether or not it’s safe…


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