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How to record tips in quickbooks

how to record tips in quickbooks

recording tips as income in Sales Form

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I'm going to give as much detail here, so hopefully my question will make sense:

I have a hair salon as an accounting client. We are getting all 2005 business into Quickbooks Pro 2005. The owner breaks down her income in the following 5 categories:

Salon Services (all non-tax, includes hair cuts, manicures, etc.)

Retail Products (all taxed, includes hair spray, cans of gel, etc.)

Sales Tax (on retail)

Gift Certificates Purchased (categorized as a liability)


The Tips are from the tip that a client adds on when paying by check or credit card. The owner assumes that any cash given to an employee as a cash tip will be reported by the employee at tax time. But, the tips on the checks and credit cards runs through the business, so it's tracked and then the taxes are withheld from the employees paycheck. (The actual tip amount is paid out of the petty cash drawer at the time of sale, it's just the withholding that is deducted at payday.)

Because it's a cash business, I'm doing

one Sales form (not an invoice) per day, with the income totals. (They use a salon retail point-of-sale program for the client detail sales and inventory, etc.) I have my items set up correctly, (I think,) for each income line, called similar to the above list. They have over 100 different transactions per day, and since their POS tracks all that, then that is why I want to make it simple on the QB end. But, I also want to make my credit card and bank deposits match. How can I break apart one sales invoice to have some deposited to the checking account as the credit card total, and then the checks total. The cash just gets 'deposited' to petty cash, and then petty cash is only deposited once a week or so, since petty cash is used to pay back out the tips.

The only way I can see to do all this is to do multiple sales forms for each day, and then each sales form is going to have most, if not all, of all of the items. I'd have to do one for the credit card income, one for the checks income, etc. Is that my only option?

Thanks very much for your time in answering. I do have 2 QB books, but they haven't been helpful in this area.

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