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how to reduce council tax

How to reduce your Council Tax bill

There are a number of reductions available which could help you to reduce your Council Tax bill.


If only one person over 18 lives in a property, there will be a 25% discount. There may still be a 25% discount if other people live there who aren't counted for Council Tax purposes.

From 1st April 2013 a continuous discount of 10% is available for furnished properties which are not anyone's main home, for example, second homes and holiday homes. Properties lying unoccupied and unfurnished(long-term empty) will now receive a 10% discount(with no time limit) after the end of the 6 months that the property is exempt and the 6 months that a 50% discount applies.

The discount no longer applies on your water and sewerage charges even if you get a discount on Council Tax.

Exempt properties 

Some homes are completely exempt from the tax, either because no one living there is liable or because the property is empty.

You can apply on-line for exemption for the following categories: unoccupied and unfurnished properties; student properties; properties solely occupied by under 18s; severely mentally impaired exemption; and properties where a resident(s) gives or receives personal care.

For more information about Council Tax exemptions, please contact the Council Tax enquiry line on 0300 300 0300. Lines are open 8am - 6pm, Monday - Friday.

You can also apply online for Council Tax exemption if your property has been repossessed by your mortgage lender.

This form can also be used if you

are a mortgage lender and have taken over a property due to repossession.

Help for disabled people

If your home has been adapted for a disabled person who lives there, it may qualify to be moved down to the next property band - reducing your bill.


Please visit our Information and Help for Students page for an explanation on some of the various student scenarios. If you wish to apply for either student exemption or a student discount you can do so by completing the relevant online form listed above. If you need any help or more information please contact us by calling 0300 300 0300 (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm).

Council Tax Reduction Scheme

From 1 April 2013 Council Tax Benefit changed to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme. More information about this is available throughout this website or by calling 0300 300 0204 (lines open Monday to Thursday 8.45am to 4.45pm, and 8.45am to 3.55pm on a Friday).

If you are on Income Support, Jobseeker's Allowance, Employment Support Allowance or have a low income, you may be entitled to apply for the Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

If you don't qualify, but someone else in the household is on a low income, you may be entitled to a second adult rebate .

If you would like information about the Council Tax Reduction Scheme or Housing Benefit please contact the office on 0300 300 0204 (lines open Monday to Thursday 8.45am to 4.45pm, and 8.45am to 3.55pm on a Friday), or email them direct at

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