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2012 income taxes: Your guide to the biggest refund

how to refile your taxes

Mastering your income tax return is not as tough as it seems. It’s as easy as claiming every tax deduction and tax credit you are entitled to.

Mastering your income tax return is not as tough as it seems, even though it’s tough to be an expert at something you only do once a year.

Whether you decide to pay for income tax help, or do it yourself, getting your tax return right has never been more important. With household debt at a record 150 per cent of disposable income, a tax refund is a good place to start looking for new money. It’s easy: Claim every tax deduction and tax credit you are entitled to. Then, make your tax refund grow with a tax-advantaged investment like an RRSP, a TFSA or an RESP.

Your income tax return: What’s new for the 2012 tax season

There are about 60 changes to this year’s general income tax return, which is not unusual. Many are from such things as the indexing of tax credits and changing tax brackets. To get the biggest tax refund possible, have a look at 2012 income tax changes for families with children, changes that affect students and investors and those of interest to pre and post-retirees. Here’s what’s new.

Your income tax return: Avoid these common tax-filing mistakes

Every year millions of Canadians pay too much in income tax and get a smaller tax refund than they should by failing to file tax returns to their advantage and using all the deductions and credits that are available. Here’s how to avoid those mistakes.

Your income tax return: How to file an audit-proof tax return

Eventually, most of us will face a query or audit of our income tax return by the Canada Revenue Agency. The best defence is keep an eye on income tax changes

and file a tax return that will stand up to the toughest scrutiny. Here’s how to avoid an audit.

Your income tax return: Easy ways to get money back from the Canada Revenue Agency

Our governments collected about $200 billion last year, for income taxes, retail sales taxes and other direct and indirect levies. Wouldn’t it feel great to get some of that back in the form of a tax refund? Here’s how .

Your income tax return: 10 ways to get a bigger tax refund

Every year millions of Canadians pay more income tax than they should and get a smaller tax refund. They either don’t file their returns to their family’s best advantage by keeping an eye on tax changes or they leave valuable credits and deductions on the table. Even worse, they don’t file at all and face unnecessary penalties. Here’s how to maximize your refund.

Your income tax return: Tax tips for 30-somethings

While most 30-year-olds may be more concerned about covering their growing family’s costs, young adults should take an interest in income tax planning. The more credits and deductions they claim, the bigger their tax refund. Here’s how to do it.

Your income tax return. Tax tips for 20-somethings

For new graduates and those getting a first full-time job there are some specific things to consider when filing their tax return.

You can save a lot of money by cutting out an accountant and using tax preparation software to do your own taxes this yea

Your income tax return: Why you should plan now for next year

Knowing your tax rights, and keeping abreast of income tax changes coming down the pipe, will save you time and earn you a bigger tax refund money at tax-filing time a year from now. Here’s how to go about it. E

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