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How to refund road tax

how to refund road tax

Like many of the public sector agencies, the whole DVLA operation needs to be closely scrutinised. The current government has stated the plan to do this and have outlined a few useful points.

Having purchased a car very recently, I popped into my local Post office to arrange tax from 1st February. Had all the documents required to tax it for twelve months but when they scanned the bar code, there was some hitch. because of the huge queue forming behind me, I did not get too involved but they told me the only way I will be able to Tax the car would be via the nearest DVLA office some 30 miles away.

Not wishing the inconvenience of that 60 mile round trip, I got home and decided to phone DVLA for advice and information. Fat chance.

What a palaver. After five layers of button pressing "You have six choices", I got nowhere and so redialled and started again. Still unable to speak to anyone after again

going through layers of multiple choice options none of which suited.

No way could I get to speak to anyone so very annoyed, I gave up. I shall have to find the time and petrol for that 60 miles round trip and only then maybe, they can sort out these problems. I live in hope but, not much.

Oh yes, part of that much needed DVLA scrutiny appears to be the need to close those DVLA regional offices.

We have become a nation excelling only at getting far too many things quite simply. wrong!

It did not used to be like that!

By the way. Today January 31st is the final day for online Tax Self Assessment submissions. Guess what. Apparently these HMRC Public Sector types have chose today for Industrial Action. for crying out loud.

Another government agency which needs very close scrutiny!

It did not used to be like that! Real people answered your phone calls and stuff got done.

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