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How to refund tax disc

how to refund tax disc

During May, I re-taxed my car for 6 months and MOT'd it, before putting it up for sale.

During the 3rd week of May, I agreed on a sale of the vehicle.

The tax was not included within the sale because the car was sold for export and I was happy to reduce the price by keeping the tax.

I let the buyer take the car with the tax disc so he could legally drive it and as agreed he returned the disc in due course (it wasn’t a deal breaker if he didn’t return it but he was true to his word so fair play).

With the V5 still in my name, I filled out the correct part and sent it to DVLA.

I then filled out a vehicle duty refund application and sent this to DVLA along with the Tax Disc.

I heard nothing for a while and so phoned up.

DVLA said that they had received the application and were currently processing it.

On 24th June, I received a letter from the DVLA stating that the application for refund has been rejected for one of the following reasons:

DVLA Letter said:

a)- You are not shown on our records as either the current registered keeper or the last previous registered keeper; or

b)- You are shown on our records as the current registered keeper but you have not told us that the vehicle has been:

-Recently sold or transferred

-Declared off road by making a SORN

-Scrapped or exported

-Stolen and not recovered and the police have not told us

-Changed to a nil value tax class

I telephoned the DVLA yesterday (been very busy at work so this is the first chance I’ve had to chase this up). The guy on the phone said that they have not received notification that it’s been exported.

I explained the fact that I had posted the part of the V5 at the same time of

the refund of duty application. He advised me to fill in the back part of the letter explaining this and that the application will be re-considered. OK, fair enough.

This is where it gets me:

DVLA letter said:

“We will only consider your refund application when we receive your appropriate documentation. Your refend will not be backdated to the date of your original application”

…effectively, they are “fining” me for something that is out of my control.

- Can they legally do this?

- Is there any way around it?

I DID sent the correct part of the V5 back to them – they have either misplaced it, not yet processed it or it never got there… Either way it’s not my fault but clearly is my problem.

plus the fact that they know it was exported - they've even had posession of the tax disc for the passed month!

I seem to have had nothing but problems and unfair treatment from the DVLA.

– Last year I used the Online Service to apply for SORN to a vehicle that was taxed.

I never re-claimed the tax which was about 5 months worth – I should have £done but hey…

- When the tax ran out, I received a fine for not declaring SORN! (on expiry of tax) - This is even though it still had 7 months SORN or so left to run. (not to mention it had sat on my drive for 5 moths wasting tax)

I had to pay the fine, then was left to appeal it.

It was down to ME to prove that I had applied for SORN online - they would not check.

I then had to print off and supply THEM with the original eMail from their automated system. Luckily enough I managed to find this confirmation email.

I eventually did received a refund of the fine – but I was not of course allowed to retrospectively claim back the tax.

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