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How to REMOVE a tax lien from your credit report.

how to remove a tax lien

The IRS will now REMOVE a tax lien from your credit report “if requested by the tax payer” when payment in full is made. As opposed to showing it as a paid tax lien for seven years and then aging off. Once paid, It will be removed off the report like it was never there. But it gets better, watch my video on how to get it removed before you pay it off. Hi everybody Dave Sullivan with the credit guy TV!

My number one video I have done so far is how to remove an IRS tax lien from your credit report. I actually have a client that went out and followed my instructions and actually removed an IRS tax lien.

Under a new IRS fresh start program that I reported on about a year ago. What I want to do is take you through the documents they used step by step to get the IRS tax Lien removed. So that you can follow these instructions easily, so let’s take a look at that now. I want to run you through this form real quick. The application for removal of a filed IRS tax lien is form 12277 and a link to this form will be below the video and on my page under the notes section you will find a link to the form directly.


You put in the taxpayer name social security number you can leave this line blank address city state zip phone number you should already have this form the 688Y form you should have already received this form when the tax lien was established and the 688Y form looks like this.

You are going to include this form with your application. If you cannot find it, then you have to request a new copy. You need to have the 688Y form in order to apply you are going to

fill this form all out and then for number 10 you are going to check open released or unknown.

This is the line you want to check on question 12 you want to write something along the lines of this that you would like it removed under the new fresh start policy of the IRS. That you meet all of the qualifications and eligibility you want to print this out and mail it to the three repositories. Along with everything else and mail it certified mail. Then sign it, put it together with the 688Y form and the letter and then you are going to mail it to the one of these addresses where ever your local IRS office is.

Where ever that Tax Lien was recorded, I will have a link to all this on my website it depends on where the tax lien was recorded that is where you send that form in. It is that easy, you should plan on it taking one to two months. Although it is a lot better than leaving it on your credit report and harming your credit score so let me wrap this up.

It is that easy, to fill out the forms send them in to the IRS and then get a copy. Then send it to the repositories and then get an IRS Tax lien removed right off your credit report like it was never there it is very new in the credit industry. Prior to actually paying it of in full your IRS tax lien can be removed from your credit report.

I hope you take advantage if you have any questions please share this video or the other video and subscribe for free on your left. So you with a little bit of me we are going to change the credit industry.

How to REMOVE a tax lien from your credit report.

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