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How To Remove Artificial Nails At Home Tips

how to remove artificial nail tips

Best Way To Remove Artificial Nails

Here i am pointing out a particular topic. Artificial nails make natural nails really sensitive. There is thin plate when you try to remove harshly then that will lead to a serious harm to your natural nail. Usually you try to remove the plate with the help of teeth this can lead to a serious issue so make sure that you should follow some useful tips and ideas in order to remove nail .

Proper procedure  includes during removal :

Filling the artificial- Just simply fill the artificial nails before the removal in order to reduce the thickness. But make sure that you should not fill the natural nails .

Shortening the length-

You will have to reduce the length of your right after removal of artificial nails and you may not able to grow them for couple of days .

Nourish nails with lotion and wrap them in tin foil-

After that soak the cotton balls into body lotion and retain it on the finger tip and after this wrap your nail with tin foil. Right after sometimes the artificial nail will come out. Time is dependent on the thickness of the product.

Start removing product just after five minutes-

Start removing the product with the help of the manicure stick however make sure you do it while your fingers are dip into the hot solution.

Right soaking of nails-

Right soaking of the nails with the removal product so that they are very easily removed and does

not lead to any harm to natural. Right after removal of artificial your natural nails will be little soft for couple of days.

Dip your fingers in warm water-

Put your fingers in bowl and also keep it warm. Just make sure you don’t take out your fingers again and again to see the real softness because this will harden the plates while it comes in contact with the air.

Precautions after Removal

  • Keep them coated-
  • In order to protect them keep them coated when you are not applying any nail polish.
  • Apply block Buffer-
  • Use block buffer in order to remove very last trances of the product. Just after that use three way natural buffers in order to gain your nail shine back and to maintain it.
  • To prevent breaking of Them-
  • To prevent breaking of a nail you will have to keep them thoroughly filled and just prevent fixing nails with the help of teeth.
  • Moisturize -
  •  Moisturize your nails to keep their waterproof effect and also nourish them.
  • For extreme weak -
  • For extreme weak nails you will have to go via reinforcement treatment

Earlie Tips to remove artificial nails  must be kept in mind while taking care of your nail because they are important beauty part and they are sensitive as well. Use proper cuticle creams and also oils to keep them healthy .

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