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How to remove french tips

how to remove french tips

Things You'll Need


Buy all of the supplies to make the removal process easy and thorough, including a good quality acetone nail polish remover, small wooden cuticle pusher, a bottle of moisturizing lotion, and a manicure table or thin plastic surface. Buy cotton rounds instead of cotton balls.

Pick a location in your house that is most comfortable to remove a French manicure, such as a clean table. Once you have your location, set the manicure table or plastic plate down over the surface for protection. Set up all of your nail polish removal tools in a way that is most convenient for you, and put on your face mask.

Put a small trash can nearby for discarding cotton balls or rounds as you remove your French manicure and keep a small damp hand towel nearby to wipe up spills and clean your hands.

Soak each cotton round halfway with the nail polish

remover. Rub the French manicure polish off in a circular motion as this helps get even the most stubborn polish off quickly. Apply extra pressure to the tip as there are usually two or three layers of polish there. After each nail is finished, take out the wooden cuticle pusher and cover it with a small piece of cotton dipped in the acetone nail polish remover. Use this cuticle pusher to remove hard-to-reach nail polish in the corners and cuticles of the nail.

Ensure that the nail polish is completely removed. Grab the damp hand towel and wipe down each fingernail thoroughly. Squeeze out some moisturizing lotion the size of a dime in your palm and use one fingertip to rub the lotion on the nail and cuticles.

Once you are finished removing a French manicure, clean up any leftover spills and traces of nail polish with the damp towel. Put everything back in its proper place.

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