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How to repair pool cue tips

how to repair pool cue tips

All pool cue tips are 14mm unless otherwise specified.

Here we offer only the finest pool cue tips available in the world. None of these pool cue tips are price-fixed by the manufacturer therefore you are purchasing a free market item. Some pool cue tip manufacturers insist on fixing prices where the consumer is forced to pay outrageous manufacturer suggested retail pricing or restrained MAP (minimum advertised pricing) policies. MAP limits sellers from advertising prices lower than the prices set by the manufacturer. Have you ever noticed a product for sale where all sellers have similar pricing; that's what MAP does (text book examples include: Aramith, Predator, Kamui etc including mostly all production cue manufacturers). We will never sell priced fixed items and support a product that does not allow for free marketing.

We make the market in pool cue tip pricing and as such you will not find lower prices anywhere. If you do, let us know. Thank you.

So, what is the best pool cue tip Joe?

This has been a long asked question which no one can seem to answer but I am going to definitively answer this question to satisfy all who have ever asked it. The absolute best hitting tip is. Drum roll please. The tip that you play best with.

There is no answer to this question as we all play differently. If I play best with a Moori, that doesn't mean that you will. You may play best with a Samson or Buffalo tip and that's fine. Charlie may play best with a Sniper and Mark with a Thomas or Morakami™ Black. Morakami™ Clear or Morakami™ Brown. There are many tips on the market and all are excellent tips otherwise they wouldn't be offered. If they weren't good, sales would show that and no reseller wants dead inventory especially us as we have tens of thousands of dollars tied up in inventory with cue tips.

The trick is to not listen to anyone, try as many different tips on your cue as you can afford and you'll find your best hitting tip. Now remember, when you do find it, stick with it. If you change cues, that tip may not be the best tip

for you any longer. It's all trial and error. And remember, just because a tip is $20, that doesn't make it the world's best tip. That only makes it the world's most expensive tip. Your best tip may be a $2 to $3 Samson Cue Tip. It may be a Moori® Cue Tip or a Morakami™ Black Cue Tip. Morakami™ Clear Cue Tip or Morakami™ Brown Cue Tip or some other tip on the market. So, whether it's a Morakami™ Cue Tip, Samson Cue Tip, Sniper Cue Tip. Onyx Cue Tip, Onyx Extreme™ Cue Tip. Maximus Cue Tips. Moori Cue Tip. Emerald Cue Tip, Everest Cue Tip. Raptor Cue Tip or an American Eagle Cue Tip. Your best cue tip will be the tip that you play best with.

And remember this too, just because you like the tip on your buddies cue doesn't necessarily mean you'll like it on your cue.


Installation has a lot to do with how a tip will play. If you have Cheap Charlie install the tip in the back seat of his car with pliers and drill, most likely it will play as well as Charlie installed it. You get what you pay for.

Installation is paramount. A proper installation will not mushroom, will play consistent, will hold chalk and will last. All tips need to be cut down and some need to be cut back, some sanded and all burnished. If it's not done properly, you may not like a perfectly good tip that would otherwise play extremely well had it been installed properly.

Delamination or the layers falling apart is always due to inexperienced installation where the installer builds up excessive heat by sanding and or cutting the tip to shape it. Experience is key as is not building up heat. Take your time and don't sand excessively. All tips need to be cut down and not sanded down.

Lastly, if the tip delaminates, pops off, explodes or balloons it's due to cockpit error. PERIOD. We've installed thousands of tips as have our clients and we sell tens of thousands of tips all without incident. All problems are 99.9999% of the time installation issues. Proper installation by a knowledgeable cue mechanic is always recommended and encouraged.

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