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How to ride a man tips

how to ride a man tips

Beginner Snowboard Tips

We’ve put together a bunch of tips that will help you with all aspects of your snowboarding. They aren’t nearly as detailed as the Learn to Ride program and our other freestyle snowboard tutorials but they should give you a push in the right direction to get started on the slopes!

Most of our snowboard tutorials are focused on freestyle techniques for the snowboarder who has already mastered the basics of turning and riding a snowboard and is ready to start hitting park features and looking for tips on performing tricks. Our videos break down freestyle snowboarding to the fundamentals, and come with a 120% money back guarantee because we are certain they will help your riding. If you have watched our free snowboard lesson and want some more tips to help you out before you start our program we have put together this section for you!

Your First Run

Before you take the chairlift to the top of your mountain you should work on some of the basics on the beginner slopes first. Most mountains offer a specified learners area or “Bunny Hill” where you can work on your skills without worrying about getting stuck on a pitch that’s too steep or running into more advanced riders that are riding faster than you.

Start near the bottom of the run, where you won’t have to worry about losing control and building up more speed than you can handle. Strap in to your board in a seated position facing down hill, stand up and point your front hand down the fall line. This will turn your board down the hill and you will start moving, let yourself come to a stop as you ride into the flats. Do this several times until you feel comfortable. Try putting yourself back onto your heel edge and come to a stop before you get to the flats. Once you have this

mastered try to stop on your toes. See how long you can traverse across the run on both edges before you come to a stop.

Your First Turn

Now that your are comfortable controlling your speed and stopping on both edges you’re ready to start at the top of the run and try linking your first turns. Strap in the same way as before and let yourself start moving across the run on your heel edge, come to a stop and point your board back down the hill and try to stop on your toes, alternate from stopping on your heels and your toes until you can do it without coming to a complete stop between turns.

Everyone remembers their first day snowboarding, it can either be be one of the most rewarding or frustrating days of your life! Ensuring that you are well prepared before you start will minimize your frustration and ensure that you enjoy it.

We recommend warming up with the above steps and taking a lesson. For a detailed breakdown of how to get started and perfect your fundamentals check out our Learn to Ride program below!

How to Snowboard with the Learn to Ride Video

Most of our instructional videos are for intermediate to advanced riders however we are also very interested in helping people new to snowboarding learn about this sport and improve their skills in a fun and safe environment. This is the reason that we have created our Learn to Ride program. It is designed to teach first time snowboarders how to snowboard.

At Snowboard Addiction we are dedicated to creating the worlds best snowboarding instructional tutorials. We help people learn how to do snowboard freestyle tricks and improve their riding. We put a lot of work into our snowboard instructional videos and consider them a lot better then your average snowboard trick tips that you might find on Youtube .

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