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How to run a taxi company

how to run a taxi company

You may be wondering why you would want to start your own taxi cab business. The fact is, driving a taxi cab can be very lucrative, where hundreds of dollars can be made in a single night, whether in a big or small city.

Our guide takes you through the steps necessary to quickly and easily start your own profitable taxi cab business, so that you can quickly capture market share in any given area.

You make your own hours, earn as much as you want "the smart way", and best of all, you don't have to take orders from any one.

And, you decide how many taxi cabs you want running, whether you want to drive one yourself independently or cabbies to do the driving for you. Become a manager or administrator and dispatch the calls to the closest driver to the customer. We provide all of the backdoor industry-know how to help you launch your own business.

The choice is up to you whether you want to start an INDEPENDENT or staff run COMMERCIAL TAXI CAB Business with multiple employees.

Regardless of which type of taxi cab company you want to set up, you will be able to get started with virtually no financial risk on your part by obtaining easily accessible small business "taxi industry" startup funding grants that you never have to pay back. We offer an EXCLUSIVE list to these grants that only the big cab companies know about, and take advantage of. Millions of dollars in grants are available to any one with a taxi cab & license, but unfortunately, there are only a few top executives and managers at the big cab companies that know about them.

We are revealing the list of grants & contacts they have zealously hidden from their smaller competition for years.

Below, you will find some of the benefits while operating your own highly profitable independent or commercial taxi service.

Immediate Long Term Income

The taxi cab industry is one of those businesses where you can immediately establish a presence for yourself, and the rewards will keep coming and coming. Other cab companies will respect you, and as your business grows, you will be able to network with them and share calls/customer with one other. As a taxi cab driver, you will be in constant demand, and your rates will be offered at a city premium. If you operate your own taxi with your own license, you will continuously reap all of the profits.

For example, a one-person, independently operated taxi cab business typically generates around $50-100k within the first two years in business, whereas a mass-scale Commercial Operation with 5-10 cars and drivers can bring in revenues up to $500k a year, and you would only have to pay out 30% of the net take-home. The rest is yours to keep.

Our guide shows you how to start a one-person cab company, and takes you step-by-step to expand your fleet over time. Or, through government grants, show you how to purchase or lease up to 10 cars to run your taxi cab company and never have to pay back grant money because the "taxi cab industry" is considered a service to the public, which assigns you a special status over other types of service based businesses (restaurants, bars, etc..)

People are always going to need taxi's, and they are going to call you, especially if you show that you are quick to appear and run an efficient operation.


As you may already know, taxi cab drivers receive only cash. That's right. No checks or credit cards "only if you want to accept them". It's a cash business, and you only declare what

you feel that you should declare during tax time. Customers will give you hundreds of dollars a night, and since you are the taxi cab owner or driver, you decide where it goes.

Forget waiting for paychecks from big companies, or recording every transaction, or abiding by all of the rules & guidelines set forth by big name cab companies. Bypass the red tape, and start your own HIGHLY-EFFICIENT, profitable taxi cab business and cash in now.

Recession Proof

One of the greatest aspects of the taxi cab industry is the fact it is recession proof. That's right. Forget having to worry about losing your job when you run your own micro-taxi service. You simply put gas in the car, drive around, and wait for calls to come in. People are always going to need a ride sometime or another, whether they're leaving a bar, need to go to the supermarket, to the airport, or some where else.

Your client base will immediately grow as soon as begin marketing your services, because there are some people that just don't have a license or cannot afford a car that need to go point A to point B.

You will be called upon as soon as you get your license and hop in your car. The question is, will you take the initiative to follow through with our simply 5-point business start-up formula?

Within our guide, we provide over 100 ways you can advertise and market your taxi service FREE OF CHARGE or at a very low cost through traditional & very unique methods, which we have now revealed to the public.

Remember, we've been in this business for a combined 70 years, and we know what brings in calls. Over time, you will build a loyal local customer base, and they will call you repeatedly for taxi service daily or weekly.

We are aggressive taxi drivers that can adapt to any market condition or any area. With the right marketing, you will permanently capture your own little piece of the pie and hold it for years, making you a handsome sum of money.

State, Federal & Tax Benefits

In addition to offering financial freedom, job security & respect, you will be eligible & qualify for a treasure trove of state, federal & tax benefits. Since you will be operating your own INDEPENDENTLY RUN taxi service, which will be nearly 100% pure profit, you will be able to write off any business expense, such as fuel, car maintenance costs, employee training & licensure, etc. therefore reducing your overall tax liability. This is a little-known secret in this business. As a tax driver / owner, you will be able to write off just about anything related to this business, because you'll fall into a certain tax category with the IRS. This special DESIGNATED tax category exists for the taxi industry, because it it revolves around public service & transportation which is what the government always backs and promotes.

In addition, you and your family will be eligible to enroll in exclusive State & Federal Medical Insurance Plans that others cannot. The bottom line is, cities & states want to maintain their public & private transportation sectors, and will do anything to keep a small taxi service afloat. They figure that the more taxi's they have in the city, the more people can move around, and conduct their business, which inevitably contributes to the overall well-being of the economy.

There is no doubt about, the taxi cab industry is perfect for those who wish to start their own highly profitable, turnkey business that offers maximum job security, reduced tax liability and the opportunity to earn staggering amounts of money year in and year out.

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