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Electricity saving tips - how to save electricity in South Africa

Energy Saving Tips - we bring you loads of tips, ideas and advice on how to save electricity, money and our environment. There are loads of things we can do to save electricity at home - just by simply using less of it. We will look at a few great methods! But limiting our consumption is always difficult, and often less effective.

Four Easy Ways To Save Electricity

1. Light bulbs: A big opportunity to save electricity is by using CFL (fluorescent light) bulbs. If you compare them to conventional light bulbs, CFL bulbs use way less energy. Use them any time you can, and you will soon notice that your energy bill will drop significantly! Of course this means you are using less electricity, so this benefits


3. Washing machines: Of course everyone needs their washing machine, but it is very important HOW you use those! Do you sometimes use the machine just to wash a single piece of clothing? That is a big waste! The best way to go is to wait until you have a full load of washings, and than do them all in one go. This will definitely save power.

4. Computer: There are lots of people (you maybe?) that leave their computer monitor switched on, even when they switch off the computer itself. Of course this is absolutely unnecessary. What's more easy then switching off your monitor when you don't use it? And you'd be surprised at the amount of electricity you can save when you remember to do this.

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