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Income Tax Tips for US Taxpayers and Ways to Save Tax

US Taxpayers

Here are some the ways to save tax in USA

It is hassle free to get your work done by a tax preparer. But one can do their taxes on their own. You don’t need to buy the software for this. There are several software programs like TaxAct. TurboTax and H&R Block’s TaxCut ( Free e-filing and online tax prep is also offered in many states and also by the IRS ( Some states also offer free online filing. Check at taxadmin .

Increase the retirement savings

One can cut down the tax bill by reducing the taxable income. It is better to contribute more towards the tax saving plan. The money is not added in the taxable income.

One can get in touch with a tax advisor. We all know taxes eat up most of the incomes. One should consult a tax advisor and talk about the tax situation. Ask for a change in source tax. This can help you save money on the taxes.

If you don’t want to go for diversification of taxable income and you are fretting about the soaring taxes in future then switch your contributions to Roth 401(k) if they are offered by the employer.

Money put into accounts like IRA and Koegh is not taxed. It is the best way to save money.

Cut down the investment costs

All the investment expenses and charges are deducted from the returns. There is a closing fees if one switches a job, for opening the IRA there is annual fees, a

trade fees if someone is trading, and other charges like underlying mutual fund fees or management fees. So it is better to avoid all this additional fees and select the funds that come with low expenses.

Delaying the retirement gives you more years of earning. Working for an additional year means more income and thus raising the retirement income. According to the research working for an extra year will boost the retirement income by 9 percent. Thus, it is a powerful tool.

They are necessary for people with low incomes and are a great source of retirement income. It all depends when you want to avail the social security benefit. If you delay it until age 70 then there is a pump in monthly payouts.

Some other tax deduction strategies

– Property taxes and interest on the primary residence is the best tax deduction strategy. It is the best investment if the property and the locality is in good condition.

– Give away all the old trash which is not longer in use. Make a list of the items that you have donated. One can receive a good Charitable Contribution deduction.

– Take a claim for your phone, TV and internet use. Everyone uses these services for work. Keep the receipts of all the bills you have paid and maintain a diary of how much service is utilized for work.

– If you use car for work related purpose then you can claim by estimating the number of kilometers covered.

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