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7 Ways to Screw the IRS

how to screw the irs

Disclaimer: Do not try this at home.

Move out of the country before the IRS finds out you owe them money (Have you see the move “Catch Me if you Can”?)

Change your Social Security Number (Yeah Right, not only have the IRS after you but you might be included on the terrorist watch list)

Setup a bank account overseas with a bank that does not partner with the American Government (IRS Looking heavily into this)

Refuse to pay your taxes (just send them a letter saying you want jail time instead)

Put all of your money in secured credit cards or better yet Wal-Mart Gift Cards. Actually, I think Starbucks gift cards might be best when running from the IRS.

Hide all of your money in your dead siblings bank account (that might rattle the ghosts a bit)

Open up your own Religious Organization or Charity – sadly enough too

many people already take advantage of this (it should be listed as number 1.) Just think of how much lower all of our taxes could be if we went into all the churches that mixed religion with politics or raised the eyebrows on charities that did not really give back to society.

We do not condone screwing the IRS. This top 7 list is just a fun way of looking at the silliness out there and what some people will do to avoid taxes. We feel taxes are something we need to keep a strong country with better roads, better infrastructure, and much needed arts and school programs.

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