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How to season rib tips

how to season rib tips

Spareribs and Rib Tips

Pork Spare Ribs and Pork Rib Tips

Spare ribs are much easier to prepare then beef brisket.  If your cooker grill is large enough you could simply remove them from the package and start cooking them.  What I'm about to show you is what I call a slab of ribs.

Which actually consists of two parts,  one is the actual ribs and the second is the rib tips.  So, you have the 'spare ribs' which consists of the ribs bones and then you have the 'rib tips' which consists of the cartilage section.

This step is messy and not for the faint of heart!  Hold one end of the cryopack over the kitchen sink and cut off that end.  With one hand grab the un-cut end of the bag and with the other reach in and slowly pull

out the slabs into the bottom of the sink.  Keeping the cut end of the bag over the sink.

The blood contained in the cryopack will splatter all over the place if you move too fast.  Rinse the inside of the bag until all the blood is removed,  then toss in the trash.  Using only cold water,  rinse the blood off all sides of the slabs until they are good and clean.  Wiping down the slabs with your hands while cold water runs on them helps get blood out of the crevices of the slabs.  Cleaning the slabs like this will take care of the odor issue too.

This shows the two sides of a slab of ribs.  The upper piece is what would be under the skin of the hawg.  The lower piece would be where the heart and lungs would be.

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