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How to shave your genital area for Men

how to shave your groin shaving tips from gillette

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elrey316 said: 06-09-2010 07:34 AM

How to shave your genital area for Men

7 Step Method to shave your pubes

1-Buy a beard or hair trimmer and trim the pubic area to the desired length. I personally use norelco body groomer rechargeable cordless and works in the shower :-)

2-Take a hot shower. This will loosen the skin and make the hair easier to shave. You can do all these steps in the shower if your trimmer is water proof.

3-Lather the area with shaving cream intended for sensitive skin. Avoid menthol or heavily scented creams as they will irritate the area.

4-Using a new 3 or 4 bladed razor, shave each area using short very light strokes.

Pulling the penis downward shave from the top of the penis upward to the navel.Most of the hair growing between the penis and the stomach

grow downward. Holding the penis downward and in the opposite direction of the area you are going the shave, shave using upward motions.Holding the penis to the side, shave inwards in the sides of it and in the sides of the scrotum.Holding the penis upward, shave downwards carefully from the penis to the lower part of the scrotum.The scrotum is extremely easier to shave if the skin is extended. The scrotum should be shaved from the middle front part of it, to the sides, with extreme care.

5-Rinse off and wash area using mild soap.

6-If you do not shave often or this is your first time, use some antiseptic cream to counteract skin irritations and pimples.

7-If you use the edge of a toilet seat to sit on, letting your public area sit over a garbage can while shaving, the mess will be next to nothing to clean up

Gillete also made a man-scaping video

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