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How To Learn Skateboarding

how to skateboard tips

Start preparing to learn to skateboard by watching this short video featuring Bryce Campbell. He provides wonderful tips on picking up skating fast.

Hello I'm Bryce Campbell, your sponsored skateboarder, and I'm here today to tell you guys how to learn how to skateboard. Now to learn about how to skateboard is literally about watching, observing, and recreating in your own method. So, there's a geometry behind skateboarding, so you need to watch how that works.

You need to try and recreate that using your body movements, to be able to do the stuff. Try it differently. Try moving your foot a little to the left, or a little to the right, jumping a bit harder, putting a bit more pop into


All these things will give you an end result that may differ slightly. Going down to your local skate park, watching people that are down there because you got, down at your local skate park, you have a plethora of different skateboarders. You have the people who are just starting off, maybe like yourself, and then you have professional people: the Kenny Andersons and the Paul Rodriguezes and stuff that are down at the park.

If you watch those guys you can get a bit of insight into how skateboarding works, and you can learn. You can see them through videos and DVDs, internet clips, magazines. All of these things will help you to prepare yourself to learn how to skateboard.

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