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How To Start A Taxidermy Studio Business

how to start a taxidermy business

Start an artistic taxidermy studio business. Turn your creativity into a taxidermy business. Preserve trophies for future generations to enjoy.

Taxidermy Permit

Every taxidermy studio and taxidermy business must have a taxidermy permit. In Wisconsin, you would obtain your permit from the Department of Natural Resources. (

The annual permit will cost you $50.00 for residents and $100 for non-residents.

Taxidermy Classes

If you are not a professional taxidermist, you must learn that skill before opening up your studio. A hunter or fisherman will not entrust their once-in-a-lifetime trophy with an amateur taxidermist. has a list of taxidermy classes ( and schools ( throughout the United States and Canada.

If you search online for taxidermy classes or schools, you will likely find a class near you.

Another alternative is to purchase taxidermy DVDs and practice at home. You will find many DVDs on the subject at (

Practice makes perfect they say. Gain experience by becoming an apprentice for a taxidermy studio. Even if you have to work for no wage, it will be worth the experience. Consider this to be an internship and part of your education.

Setting Up Your Taxidermy Studio

Once you have gained the experience you need, you will be ready to start your taxidermy business. You will need to check your local zoning laws. If you live in a commercial district, you may be able to start your taxidermy studio out of your home.

If local zoning laws prohibit you from working out of your home or shop, then you will need to find a permissible location.

Check your state laws to see if taxidermy is a taxable service. If it is, you will need to get a sellers permit. You will need to collect sales and use tax and report it to your state government. In Wisconsin you need to collect sales tax.

Promoting Your Taxidermy Business

There are many ways to promote your taxidermy business. You can have a yellow page listing, advertise in your local newspaper and radio, and hand out business cards and flyers.

Recently I stopped at my local Cabelas store to do a little shopping prior to hunting season. When I got back to my car, I found that a local taxidermist had placed his business card on the driver side window. This is a cheap way to promote your business, but

not the most efficient way.

Create A Taxidermy Website

You should create a taxidermy website for your studio. On your website you need to show pictures of your artistic taxidermy.

You should also create a lot of taxidermy tips. Your customers will want to know how to preserve their trophy until they deliver it to you. Show them how to cape their deer, elk, or moose.

Show them how to skin their bear. Likewise, show and tell them how to keep their fish, waterfowl and pheasant for safe deliver to you. This will help you get the wildlife in good condition.

It will also help you get more customers. You see, many people search the Internet for a quality taxidermist in their local area. They use many different search terms called keywords to find you.

If you write a quality article for each key search term, it helps to establish you as an expert. The higher your article ranks in the search engine, the more free traffic you will get.

I would recommend that you either have a certified SBI webmaster (new window) build a website for you.

Or, you could build your taxidermy website yourself if you prefer. It is easy if you use SBI (new window) It will take maybe six months to one year before you start getting noticeable traffic to your website.

How Much Do You Charge For Taxidermy Services

Knowing how much to charge for your artistic taxidermy skills is often a frequently asked question. I checked several taxidermy websites and found these prices.

  • Deer Shoulder Mount - $450 to $575
  • Life Size Deer - $2,595
  • Black Bear Shoulder Mount - $620
  • Life Size Black Bear - $2300 to $2545
  • Fish - $135 minimum - $13 per inch
  • Ducks - $275 Standing - $290 - Flying
  • Eiders - $350 Standing - $365 - Flying
  • Lion - Full Body Mount - $1,000 to $4,000
  • Small Warthog - Full Body Mount - 400.00
  • Caribou Shoulder Mount - $750

Owning a taxidermy studio may be the right business for you. If you love wildlife, and have an artistic flair, and basic entrepreneurial or business skills, you should do fine. Why not research this business opportunity further?

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