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How to Stop the IRS

how to stop the irs

We know that there is a lot of bad advice out there about how to stop the IRS collection process.  That’s why were are here.  To provide real-world information based upon our years of experience.  And that’s why we created our exclusive insider’s report on how to stop the IRS.  Read more to learn about all the information you’ll get at your disposal by simply signing up for this free report “Seven Steps to Sanity.”

How to stop the IRS from garnishing wages or taking your paycheck

Did you know that the IRS can take nearly all of your paycheck?  If you have a tax problem, the only way to avoid this “enforced collection” (as the IRS calls it) is to have a “collection alternative.”  But what is the best collection alternative for you?  Don’t expect the IRS to tell you.  Sign up for our free report and learn your best options.

How to Stop the IRS from taking home

Believe it or not, the IRS does not want to take your home.  They don’t like the publicity and it is a lot of paperwork for them.  But unfortunately many taxpayers who are avoiding the IRS are giving them no other option.  So if you’re running from the IRS — stop!  We understand that you’re scared.  But once you read our report you won’t be.  Your new-found knowledge will keep you from making a serious mistake!

How to stop an IRS levy

The IRS will levy bank accounts or even IRAs that have your social security number listed.  Think about that.  If you have a joint account with anyone (even a dependent child), the IRS is free to levy that bank account completely if you have ignored them. There is no such thing as not being the primary.  If you are a co-owner of any account, the IRS will assume you have total access to all of the funds.  Because your money is their money (or so they think) they will take it all.  Understandably, a bank levy is an emotional time.  So if it happens to you do not delay.  Please contact us immediately so we have time to get your

(or someone else’s) money back before it is gone for good.

How to stop the IRS from seizing property

The IRS doesn’t really want to seize property.  They want to work out a deal.  But they will seize personal property like cars, boats and investment property rather than taking your primary residence.  So what should you do?  You don’t’ want to give up all your stuff, but you don’t want to be a pauper either.  The solution to this dilemma is two fold.  One one hand, you have to be realistic.  Possessions can not buy peace of mind.  Remember that.  But on the other hand, there are advantageous ways to structure your affairs to improve your negotiating position.  Learn about some of these tools of the trade by signing up for our free taxpayer’s awareness guide below or on the right.

How to stop the IRS with debt collection statutes

Did you know that the IRS only has a limited time to collect on a tax debt?  There are ways to use this law to your advantage.  But then there are countless stories of people who were “too clever by half” who thought they could game the IRS system and wound up hurting themselves by not thoroughly understanding the ins-and-out the IRS debt collection statutes.  Sign up for our free taxpayer’s awareness guide and learn how not to be one of them.

If you are looking for information on stopping or removing a tax lien, visit our special tax lien page for information you can not get anywhere else.

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About IRSmedic:  Parent, Parent & Wynn  LLP: is the website for Parent, Parent & Wynn  LLP, a tax law firm of IRS resolution attorneys, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), ex-IRS agents, and EAs who want to be the team that permanently resolves your tax problem where others have failed.  We have developed a proven system of solving any tax problem in the least amount of time, for the smallest amount of headache and and the least money.  Our firm is located in Connecticut, but we serve US taxpayers worldwide in front the IRS, US Tax Court and state revenue agencies.

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