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How to submit sales tax

how to submit sales tax

The Transaction Date Range should be set to NULL. Otherwise, if the transaction date and GL date for a given transaction fall in different periods, your report will not balance to the general ledger for the requested GL Date Range.

The Sales Tax Liability Account Range restricts adjustments only. The report will exclude any adjustments which fall outside the selected account range. All Invoice, Debit Memo and Credit Memo transactions with a line type of tax, will be included regardless of the account range selected. However, any Invoice, Debit Memo, or Credit Memo transactions that post tax to accounts outside the selected account range will be tagged with an asterisk (*) in the footnote column of the report.

The default value for the Detail Level parameter (Show Summary, Lines-Brief) enables you to review taxing authority totals while providing you with an adequate level of detail to efficiently research discrepancies.

Suggestion: To expedite the reconciliation process for state sales tax returns, you should first run the US Sales Tax

Report using the Totals for State option of the Detail Level report parameter. This option will provide a single state total on each printed page of the report and can be used to quickly identify variant state balances. You can then run the report using the Show Summary, Lines-Brief option for only these variant states.

If an adjustment has been applied to non-tax invoice lines and has been erroneously posted to an account within the selected account range, it can be identified by nonzero amounts in the Gross and Taxable columns for the state, county and city summaries. See: US Sales Tax Report .

Sales Journal by General Ledger Account Report

Within Receivables, users with an appropriate responsibility can submit the Sales Journal by General Ledger Account Report from the Submit Requests window. Use the Sales Journal by General Ledger Account Report to verify that only authorized sales tax activity has been posted to valid sales tax liability accounts only.


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