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“…started seeing improvements immediately!”

“I wanted to thank you for your newsletter. I just completed my first triathlon, the womens danskin in new england. It was fantastic. I have not swam in open water since I was a teenager ( I am 40 now!), and never took formal swimming lessons,(never mind that i am now 60 lbs overweight since last year) I started learning how to swim about 4 mths ago by printing out your lessons and going to the local YMCA to practice. At first I felt discouraged but then I came across your website and started seeing improvements immediately, I can actually breathe properly. I did my 1/2 mile in 22 minutes which for me was wonderful. I started out in the back and mainly focused on going slow and staying at a steady pace and concentrating on my form. I seem to have a tendency to go too fast then being unable

to catch my breath and this did not happen on race day. It was FANTASTIC. I cannot thank you enough!”

– Christine Caldwell, subscriber from Pocasset, MA

1. High Elbow Catch

With each stroke you take, you must extend your arm out in front, then bend your elbow before pulling back. This is often referred to as the “high elbow catch”, and if you’re not doing this, you are losing precious minutes from your swim times.

Toes must be pointed on your kick. Many triathletes have inflexible ankles, so the key is to stretch your ankles and be conscious of the angle of your feet. They could act as boat anchors if your toes are pointed down!

3. Breathing

Breathing must be done to the side. A common mistake is to look up when you breathe. This will have you sinking and will throw off your timing for the next stroke. Make sure you are rolling to the side to breathe, and not rotating your head and looking straight up.

“I’ve gone from dreading the swim, to craving the swim.”

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