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How to take off french tips

how to take off french tips

What a pain this is, wore acrylics for years, not any more! Basically your going to have to do what your manicurist does but do it at home.

-Use nail clippers to get all of the length you can off and any uplift from around the cuticle area.

-You need acetone, pure acetone, or a polish that is made of mostly acetone, regular nail polish remover will not work.

-Soak 10 cotton balls in a bowl of acetone.

-Place one cotton ball on each finger one at a time.

-Each time you place a cotton ball, wrap a piece of aluminum foil around the tip, it really helps if you have someone helping you.

-Leave your fingertips covered for at least 10 minutes. Check in 10 minutes by pulling off one piece of foil. If soft, remove the rest of the foil. If

you feel it is not ready, leave it on for up to 30 minutes.

-It may take a little bit of scraping and prying to get the acrylic off but it shouldn't be painful. Hopefully the tips will just fall off.

-If necessary repeat.

I recommend you have someone help you if possible. Another good tip is if you have paraffin wax in a warmer, is to dip you hands in the was after your fingertips are covered. It speeds up the process and makes your hands smooth. After you dip in the wax cover your hands with plastic bags and then oven mits. You will have hot hands, but its worth it.

Good luck. From now on don't get your nails done unless you plan on going back every 2 weeks to have them professionally fixed.

Sarah D · 8 years ago

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