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How to tax a vehicle

how to tax a vehicle

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About three weeks before your tax disc runs out, you should get a Vehicle Licence Application/Statutory Off Road Notification (V11 reminder) from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). Use the V11 reminder to renew your tax online, by phone, by post or in person.

When to apply

If you receive a V11 renewal from DVLA, you can use this to renew your tax disc or make a SORN. You can do this from the fifth day of the month that your current tax disc or SORN is due to expire.

If you use your registration certificate (V5C), you can apply for a tax disc or make a SORN from the first day of the month.

Taxing a car, motorcycle or light goods vehicle

You can use the V11 reminder to tax:

To tax your vehicle online or by phone youll need to use the reference number on your V11 reminder.

  • Apply for a tax disc online or by phone

Use the V11 reminder in person at any Post Office branch that issues tax discs or by post to the address shown on the reminder form.

You need to take or send the following:

  • the completed V11 reminder
  • insurance certificate or cover note must be valid when the tax disc starts
  • valid MOT certificate if the car or motorcycle is over three years old must be valid

    when the tax disc starts

  • the payment shown on the reminder (not needed if your vehicle is exempt from paying vehicle tax)

The V11 reminder will be returned to you when the tax disc is issued.

If you have changed your name or address, write your new details in section six of registration certificate (V5C). Sign the certificate and include it with your tax application at a Post Office or DVLA local office.

  • Find your nearest DVLA local office

If there have been changes to your vehicle like engine size, you won’t be able to use your V11 reminder to tax at the Post Office.

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Vehicle is due to be taxed while youre abroad

If youre going to be abroad when your vehicle tax expires, you can tax online, tax in advance or ask someone to tax for you.

  • Vehicle tax due to expire while youre abroad

Taxing a lorry, bus or other type of vehicle

Most vehicles can be taxed at a Post Office branch that issues tax discs using the V11 reminder. For some heavy goods vehicles (HGV) DVLA issues a V85/1 (HGV licence reminder) which can only be used at a DVLA local office.

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