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How To Renew Road Tax In Malaysia

Recently, I’ve just renewed my road tax. In Malaysia there are 2 ways to go about it. If a person is still under hire purchase, he brings along his insurance cover note to the bank and pays an extra RM10 service charge + road tax amount and it will be done automatically for you. However, you can only collect it on the 2nd day after the bank has done processing.

The second way is by going to the post office yourself or to the nearest JPJ branch and have it renewed. The requirement is the geran and insurance cover note. Geran is something like the birth cert of your car and you can still get it from the bank if you’re still under hire purchase and your payment is good. The insurance cover note is like an official document saying that you’ve renewed your insurance.

This is how the front of my geran looks like.

The back.

If ever you own a car more than 12 years,

you will definitely see payment details printed even on the bottom section.

Did you know that in 1992, the cost of renewing the road tax of a 1500 cc car was RM427.20? Crazy.

And it remained as high up till 2006.

It wasn’t until 2007 before the price dropped 75%

to RM106.80. The latest since 2008 was RM90. What a relief. I wonder how much was the renewal of a 3000 cc Mercedes Benz in 1992.

This is the second thing that you’ll need to renew your road tax.

Nowadays, you don’t have to bring it to the post office / JPJ office as they can check online but in case their system is down, they can refer to the cover note as proof. Better safe than leceh.

The 3rd thing is money. Lucky for me PCJ’s road tax costs only RM90.

There is an extra RM2 service charge for renewing at the post office. None whatsoever at JPJ.

If your time is flexible, go in the mornings. The queue is short. I was served immediately after pressing for a queue ticket.

3 minutes later, I got my road tax renewed. Thanks Lakshmi!

Tore out the old road tax.

It’s better to use a road tax sticker as it prevents sticky residue from dirtying your windshield. I believe they are commonly available in bookstores. (However, I got mine from a counter girl in JPJ who sold these for RM1 each as a side business. Shh..)

Done. The end.

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