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How does income tax refunds work? PLEAASEE help!?

how to tax refunds work


Best Answer: The way refunds work is that tax is withheld from your paycheck, then when you file and calculate your actual tax, if too much was withheld the extra is refunded.

As for claiming your dad, how much ss did he get? If more than about $4000 for the year, you wouldn't be able to claim him since you'd have to be able to show that you provided over half of his support, and even if he lived with you all year, on $11,500 total for three people, you wouldn't be able to do that.

For claiming your mom - did she live with you? If not, who paid her rent, did you - or do they own their own house? Again, on only $11,500 you're going to have a hard time showing that you provided over half of her support.

If you can claim either of them, you can file as head of household, otherwise you'll file as single.

Filing as single, your

tax would be around $200 for federal, so you'd get around $634 back plus a little bit of EIC. If you can claim either of them or both, which is highly unlikely, your tax would be zero, so you'd get the entire $834 back, plus a small amount of EIC for yourself. Not sure where your idea came from that you could get "at least 5000" - can't get more than what you paid in plus maybe $163 or so EIC for yourself. You don't get EIC for parents.

Yeah lol re the government giving you "your money". They will give you what's yours, but it's nowhere near 5000. If you can claim one or both parents, you'd get around $1000 for federal; if not, which is more likely, you'll get around $800.

For state, since you don't say what state you're in, no way to say if you'll get any or as much as all of your 416.15 back.


Judy · 4 years ago

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