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How to track my federal tax return

how to track my federal tax return

Track Federal Income Tax Refund Check

If you have filed your return and have not received your refund check yet, you can track the status of your check. Refund information on the IRS website will show you only the most current tax year available. You will not be able to view the status of past returns.

If you have an amended return, you will not be able to view this on the IRS website either.

There are many reasons why you have still not received your refund check. So make sure the address is correct, if it is not then it can be updated electronically.

To track your refund check, you will need to have your social security number, filing status, and the exact amount of the refund. If you do not have this information correct you will not be able to

continue and track your refund check.

This information should be available within three days of the IRS receiving your refund as long as you e-filed. If you sent in a paper return then it could take three to four weeks to track your federal return. If you are waiting on a refund check it will let you know the date it was mailed or the expected date of deposit into your bank account.

If you use an online tax preparation service, then you can usually track your refund directly through their website. This is usually much easier and does not require you to have any information available except for your login information. They even email you updates as your return is being processed.

To track your federal refund, visit TurboTax Online TurboTax online offers many benefits for using their tax preparation software.

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