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Some Frustrated People Still Waiting For NC Tax Refund

how to track nc state tax refund

Wallburg, NC-- Last month, News 2 got some viewer phone calls from people complaining about the wait time for their state tax refund. The state said it wasn't a problem on their end, but the complaints haven't stopped.

News 2's Liz Crawford obtained numbers from the Department of Revenue showing that the refunds are actually going out at a faster pace than last year. However, that data alone does not ease the frustration for taxpayers who are fed up with waiting.

"I ordered an eBay package a week ago. I have already received it from Pennsylvania, but they can't get it here in that length of time from Raleigh?" said Craig Denny in Wallburg who has been waiting on his refund for close to 75 days.

Denny and his wife are retired on a fixed income, waiting on an $800 state tax refund. The Department of Revenue told News 2 that they aim to issue refunds in 45 days. However, the Dennys have been waiting since Craig Denny mailed his return in on January 31.

"I think it's just bad business on the state's part that they don't do what they say and then they don't work in

a good time frame," added Denny.

Denny and his wife are not alone. A lot of people contacted News 2 looking for answers, especially after already receiving their federal tax return. The NC Department of Revenue told News 2 that the IRS always has a faster processing time.

They also said that they're doing a faster job this year than in recent years. So far, the State Revenue Department has sent refunds to 1.5 million people, a total of $792 million.

At the same time last year, the state had sent out 1.4 million refunds totaling $743 million.

They do provide a way to track your refund online. Click here for the link: Where's My Refund?

You can also call about the status of your refund at 1-877-252-3052. It is their peak season, so the Dept. of Revenue warns the number may often be busy.

Two dates to keep in mind this year are April 17th and June 1st.

April 17th is the deadline to file federal and state income taxes. If you don't have your state refund by June 1st, the state has to pay you interest.

WFMY News 2, North Carolina Department of Revenue

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