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How to track your income tax refund

how to track your tax refund


If the processing of the refund has not been completed by your assessing officer, or if there is no refund payable to you for that year, you will get a message saying so.

Refund details

If there is a refund, you will get details showing your refund reference number, the date of credit to your bank account or the date of despatch of the cheque by speed post, and the speed post reference number, if applicable


You can go to wtm and enter the speed post reference number. On submitting it, you will get a link called 'movement', which will show the status of your parcel.


You can submit your reference number

and e-mail ID on the speed post tracker screen. You will receive an e-mail when your parcel has been received.

Points to note

Status check: You can check if your refund has been sent to the SBI, the refund banker, by logging into your e-filing account.

Payment mode: If you do not choose to receive the refund as an electronic credit, a cheque will be sent to the address provided in your income tax return.

Error notification: If there is an error in the refund or in case of any other query, the assessee can write to CPC Bangalore, quoting the refund reference number.

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