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How to use elcomsoft wireless security auditor

how to use elcomsoft wireless security auditor

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Click "Import Data" on the toolbar and click "Dump Windows WPAPSK hashes." Close the confirmation dialog that appears to reveal the passwords. The password of each wireless network is found on the "Password" column, if successfully decrypted, and is only shown in full if you purchase the app. Proceed to the next step if you need to find the password of a wireless network that has not been decrypted automatically.

Click "Options" on the menu bar and go to "Attack Options." In the Attack Options window, click the tab that points to your preferred method of decrypting the password. For instance, go to the "Dictionary Attack" option, if you believe the forgotten password is a word in the dictionary. If

you are not sure which option to use, check out all of the tabs and evaluate the settings of each attack.

Configure the settings of the attack to the best of your knowledge. The purpose of this is to reduce the time it takes for the app to decrypt the password. Click the "OK" button once you are done.

Check the box next to any wireless network that lacks a corresponding password. Click the "Start attack" button on the toolbar and pick the attack method you configured earlier to let the app start figuring out the password of each wireless network you selected. The time it takes depends on the attack options you set, the hardware specifications of your computer and complexity of the password.

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