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How to Pay Income Taxes With a Credit Card - TurboTax 2009 Tax Calculator

how to use turbo tax 2009

Are you accustomed to receiving a tax refund. i.e. having more withheld from your earnings than you owe? Have you always paid the taxes you have owed in the past with another refund or by check, but would like to pay by credit card now? Are you finally in the black with your self-employment earnings, home based business or other income that forces you to pay taxes?

If you’re a new business owner, earning a profit or self-employment income for the first time, are just under-withheld on your taxes for the year, or if you have paid taxes in the past by check but find this inconvenient or undesirable now, it’s easy to pay your taxes with a credit card. The IRS permits credit card payments and makes it easy to accomplish through a number of service providers. There

is a service fee for filing by credit card, usually 2.49%, depending upon which site or processor you use.

One of the best and most widely used services for payment of your taxes by credit is TurboTax. If you go to the IRS page describing payment by credit card, TurboTax is the first integrated e-file and e-payment provider listed. This site also lists a toll free number you may call if you have questions relating to your credit card payment – 866-382-6819 – through TurboTax.

When you prepare and file any of your income or self-employment taxes through TurboTax, the software walks you through the process for filing, payment, etc. including payment made by credit card. Go to TurboTax online today to walk through the easy step-by-step process that leads to making your payment by credit card.

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