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how to use wilton tips

There are nine or so main types of icing/decorating tips, with each type having different sizes available. This week’s blog will take a look at the types tips and what they may be useful for – or how they could be used.

It’s handy to have two or three of the most used nozzles (ie. round, star) in the same size so you don’t have to worry about wasting icing and washing  bags when changing colours. All standard size decorating tips can be used with a coupler.


Plastic couplers can be used with both metal and plastic tips. The come in a number of different sizes too.

A coupler is a two-piece plastic device that fits onto your decorating bag and holds the decorating tip in place. It’s great for when you want to change decorating tips without changing bags, such as when you are using different tips with the same colour icing. The

coupler base goes inside the cut piping bag to hold the tip in place, while the coupler ring twists around the base on the outside of the bag to attach the tip. Just twist off the ring to change tips. It is important to keep tips clean and free from built up or crusted, old icing for crisp, neat  piping. Metal tips that don’t dry properly may rust, so it is important to take good care of them – they will last a very long time if you do.

Round Tip

Round tips are used so frequently it is practical to have a wide variety of sizes on hand. This smooth, round nozzle is an essential in decorating as it can be used for outlining, writing, flooding, line work, stems of flowers, swirls, dots, balls, lacework…and the list goes on! They are even great in large sizes to quickly apply frosting to cupcakes in neat swirls.

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