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How to whiten nail tips

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Deep Cleaning

Brush under your nails with a nail brush and a small amount of all natural toothpaste. If you think it does wonders on your teeth you will be shocked at what it can do for stained or yellowing nails. Toothpaste will break up and remove not only everyday dirt, but also grease and other stains. Think about how toothpaste is designed to remove coffee and other stains from teeth; this removal is similar to what you can expect for your nails. Before this deep cleaning make sure that all nail polish has been removed so that you can see what you are doing. Once you have cleaned your nails to the best of your ability using the toothpaste, then it is time to begin removing any stains and yellowing that may remain on the underside of your nails.


Soaking your fingertips in a small bowl of lemon juice will naturally remove stains and lighten the color of your nails. This is because lemon is a natural astringent and acidic product. Soaking your nails is a natural whitening process that you can use daily or as needed. If you haven't whitened your nails regularly or if they are severely stained it may take several treatments to whiten them. After soaking you will need to moisturize your fingers to prevent irritation and dryness.

Topical Treatment

By mixing a few drops of lemon juice in a tbsp. of baking soda you can make an all natural whitening paste to apply under your nails. Let this paste sit under your nails for 30 minutes and then clean it

out with warm water and a nail brush. This method works a little differently than simply soaking because baking soda will help scour the underside of your nail to allow the lemon juice to soak in. The whitening process will likely not happen with just one use; the extent of the whitening depends on how badly your nails are stained and how often you use staining products. You may have to work on whitening your nails daily or only as the need arises.

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