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How to write a performance self evaluation

how to write a performance self evaluation

Step 1

Write your self-evaluation using a professional, business-oriented tone. Use the first person narrative (I, me, we, our, my, myself).

Step 2

Customise the self-evaluation for whom the report is intended. If you are writing an academic organisation, outline the study areas you have focused on and what you learnt through receiving instruction at the institution. If the report is for an employer, describe experiences that tested your skills and work performance.

Step 3

Describe an experience where you helped your organisation meet an important goal. This should be a specific instance and include the dates and titles of the work you did when possible.

Step 4

Describe tasks you are responsible for on a daily

basis. Do not relate personal feelings about these tasks, just the substantial facts. Again, describe specific instances you remember, and keep these sentences short and direct. For example, you may start a sentence by referring to a specific time by saying, "like a month ago when I. "

Step 5

List your strengths and include specific tasks or experiences to highlight these strengths. For example, you might say: "I'm very analytical when I write reports." These should be no more than a sentence long. You may also describe your weaknesses, but put them in a positive light in the same way you would during a job interview. If you say you're a perfectionist, describe the steps you have taken to improve yourself.

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