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How to write letter to irs

Communicating With IRS

Using letter writing principles, write irs example letters that align with irs notice. Key consideration is to communicate effectively. Identify yourself, identify the receiver and project a compliant tone. Furnish as much information as you can to get irs to see your point of view on compliance.

Example letters reference a name, tax id number, specific tax for a specific period and for a specific issue. A letter template like the one shown below accommodates an examination compliance objective while, at the same time, accommodates your objective for seeking deduction and tax write off:

Your letterhead name, address and phone number


Internal Revenue Service

Attn: Mr. Jones

Location address

Re: Home office tax deduction

Name and SSN or tax id number

1040 2006

Dear Mr. Jones:

This reponds to your field audit notice on my 2006 income tax return. I am a distributor of home products for a national firm and maintain an office in my home.

My home contains 2100 sq feet

of living area and 800 sq feet of garage space. I use a 17'x20' room as an office for the exclusive purpose of conducting business.

I have photos of my home and office space. I also have bank statements reflecting disbursements for home mortgage, maintenance and utility expenses to support a write off.

I plan to visit with you as scheduled. If I can provide you with a visual inspection, please let me know.

Your signature

It is not feasible in this presentation to draw up an example letter that will accommodate all scenarios. The important thing to remember is this. respond as best you can with all the facts you have. After all, you are in charge of all the facts that may be related to any issue in any irs notice. If you are not sure you understand the issue(s), call'm up. On each irs notice, there is a number to call.

Pose a tax question or concern about responding to irs notice.

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