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How to write to the irs

how to write to the irs

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This book helped start the discussions on getting rid of the national income tax, as well as other national taxes, and replacing them with a national sales tax. Unfortunately, this book is no longer in print. However, I do have a special report on my website called Freedom to Prosper that lead to my Ten Principles of Federal Tax Policy. a part of the legislative series put out by the Heartland Institute.

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This book is no longer in print. For further information on Dan's view of a national sales tax, a special report is found on Dan Pillas website,

About the Author

To assist taxpayers in solving their tax problems, Dan has authored eleven books,

dozens of research reports and hundreds of articles. For a listing of the books currently in print as well as other products and services currently available, visit his website,

Dan's work is regularly featured on radio and television as well as in major newspapers, leading magazines and trade publications nation wide. The Wall Street Journal ranked Dan's book, The IRS Problem Solver, as the number one tax book in America. He has been a consultant to the National Commission on Restructuring the IRS and works with numerous public policy research institutes. Dan has presented testimony to Congress on several occasions. His testimony to the Senate Finance Committee in 1997 blew the lid off IRS abuse and lead to many new taxpayers' rights and protections.

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