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How Much Do I Owe The IRS?

If you have been wondering “How much do I owe the IRS?” it may be a matter of a simple calculation using an IRS form. or it may require the services of a professional tax company. The IRS tax code is complicated and changes each year can make determining your tax obligations difficult. Community Tax is a three tiered tax service, offering tax resolution, tax preparation and bookkeeping services all under one roof. Our tax team has the expertise and experience to work with you to determine what you owe.

Stop saying “Do I owe the IRS?” and start saying “No, I Don’t!” Many taxpayers who owe back taxes wonder how much they owe to the federal government, because of interest and penalties that begin to accrue when they have not paid or filed. Others may owe more because of a new life circumstance like marriage, deaths, new jobs, divorce or inheritances.

Community Tax

resolution and tax preparation team assists customers with their income tax debts and tax returns. Never wonder “How much do I owe the IRS?” again, because our team will work with you each year to ensure that your returns are done correctly and on time every year. Our tax resolution team will conduct a thorough investigation of your finances and tax history. They will uncover what, if any, back taxes or unfiled returns are outstanding and determine the best course of action to completely resolve your problems with the IRS.

You can work directly with a professional team of tax attorneys, CPA’s and enrolled agents who have years of experience helping taxpayers across the country with their income taxes, tax debts and bookkeeping needs. If you are wondering “How much do I owe the IRS?” and you don’t know where to start, call us today and get a FREE consultation about your needs 1-800-444-0622.

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