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E-Filing Form 1099 Online

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You can E-File 1099 using an IRS Authorized E-File Provider. When E-Filing IRS Form 1099 it is important to verify that you are only entering your information on a site that is authorized by the IRS. E-Filing your 1099 forms can help to save you time, hassle and verify that your payee and recipient information is correct including social security numbers and EINs (Employer Identification Number).ExpressTaxFilings is an IRS Authorized software provider to e-file 1099.

Form 1099 E-File Due Dates

When you choose to E-File 1099 form, you receive additional time to complete the filing with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) / SSA (Social Security Administration) versus paper filing Form 1099. The due date for E-Filing 1099 is March 31, 2015 for income reported from the 2014 tax year. If paper filing Form 1099 the due date is March 2, 2015 for the 2014 tax year. Please note that even if you E-File Form 1099 you

are still required to furnish a copy of Form 1099 to your recipients on or before February 2, 2015 for amounts reported for the 2014 tax year. Please refer to the IRS instructions for the specific Form 1099 you are filing for any exceptions to the February 2, 2015 due date for furnishing Form 1099 to recipients. Also, the support team at ExpressTaxFilings can help with additional Form 1099 related questions from their Rock Hill, South Carolina tax support center.

E-File Form 1099 Variations

There are numerous different variations of Form 1099 that can be E-Filed with the IRS/SSA. The most common types of 1099 forms are Form 1099-MISC for reporting miscellaneous payments, Form 1099-DIV for reporting dividend payments, Form 1099-INT for reporting interest payments. Each of these types of 1099 forms can be E-Filed with the IRS/SSA at this time with ExpressTaxFilings.

How to E-File a Form 1099

Form 1096 When E-Filing 1099

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