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Kim and aggie how clean is your house tips

kim and aggie how clean is your house tips

Clean Your House The Natural Way – Cleaning Tips From Kim and Aggie

Fri, 26th June, 2009 - Posted by admin

Not only do we all spend a small fortune on cleaning products each year, but we also expose ourselves to (and inhale) an array of chemical concoctions every time we clean our houses! Surface cleaners for the kitchen that are bleach based, which include floor cleaners that are disinfectant based, harsh liquid toilet gels, air fresheners and spray polishes!

All these chemicals can build up in our systems over the years, and manufacturers have no idea what harm they could do!

So, is it possible to clean your house in a more environmentally friendly way? Be kinder to your body, and save money in the process? Stars of Channel Four, ‘How Clean is Your House ‘, Kim and Aggie, certainly think so! Fresh from their website, ideas for a more natural way of cleaning.

First off, Bicarbonate of

Soda – this is so much more that a baking ingredient. Mix with a little warm water to make a paste, and this will clean everything from fridges to ovens. (Leave the paste on the oven overnight for sparkling clean!)

Clear Vinegar – great for getting stains out! Mix 2 parts of water with one part vinegar and leave overnight. Clean lime scale off bathroom showers and taps by soaking in hot vinegar (wrap kitchen roll around taps), and you can even use a vinegar solution to clean the windows!

Soda Water – fantastic for getting red wine stains out of carpets!

Try unblocking sinks by pouring down some bicarbonate of soda, followed by some clear vinegar. This solution should fizz and bubble up, and give your pipes a good cleaning out! You can get more useful tips from Kim & Aggie’s Cleaning Bible .

NOTE: We are not Kim & Aggie and unfortunately unable to offer cleaning tips.

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