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Learn how to prepare tax returns

learn how to prepare tax returns

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Rewarding and challenging opportunity - learn how to prepare tax returns!



The AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program is looking for people to help prepare individual tax returns during the upcoming tax season. You will use our computers and professional tax preparation software. This free service is provided to low to moderate income taxpayers, most of them 60 or older.

We provide training using IRS materials. You will need to attend classes in November and December. You will also need to practice using the software outside of class. There's a lot to learn!

In January, you can sharpen your skills by working with our experienced volunteers in our "Study Hall" sessions.

Once you have completed the IRS certification process, you will work 40 hours [about 4 hours per week between February 1 and

April 18] when our tax preparation sites are open. There you will work as a member of a team of 7-15 volunteers assisting taxpayers to prepare their returns. There are ALWAYS experienced counselors on site to ask for help. And we all need help sometimes.

Days and hours vary by site and we will work with you to find a site that fits into your schedule.

The rewards? The kind that warm your heart: helping someone through one of the most stressful times of the year; knowing you helped someone get a tax credit they did not even know existed; smiles and hugs from grateful taxpayers, and some new friends.

Are you up to the challenge?

For more information about the Tax-Aide Program or how to become a volunteer, please call 520-571-9884 or visit our website at

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