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Match Attax Trading Cards Buying Guide

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Match Attax are not simply football trading cards. they are also a game of their own. Where traditional trading cards are passive collectibles, Match Attax adds a tactical game to the hobby of collecting cards. Now fans can not only collect their favourite stars, they can also play them against their friends. It is a great way for children and adults to build interest in the world's favourite sport as they build their own teams and compete head to head. Match Attax combines the thrill of competition with the joy of collecting. Those fans who only want to collect the cards can do just that, while those who want to take a more active role can not only collect the cards, but also play the game. It adds a whole new dimension to a hobby that has been around for decades, and has helped bring even more fans to the game of football.

History of Football Trading Cards

While they may now be popular with the young, football trading cards did not start out that way. In fact, the first football trading cards were released in 1898, by Marcus's Tobacco and found in cigarette packs. By 1958, they had moved to bubble gum from cigarettes and the trading card market had become an institution. In fact, it was so popular that football trading cards were issued every year after 1958 with the exceptions of 1985 and 1986. Football cards had become as much a part of the sport as boots and balls.

History of Match Attax

Although football cards date back over a century, Match Attax are of a more recent vintage, having been introduced in 2007. That was the year that Topps, the manufacturer, obtained the exclusive rights to produce trading cards and stickers for the Premier league from Magic Box, the producers of "Shoot out". With the combination of collectibility and rapid play, the game quickly took over the schoolyards of the nation, and rose to the top of Topps' product line. The initial three year agreement was extended for another three years in 2010, and today, there is no sign of it ending soon. The combination of inexpensive card packs, the draw of the Premier League, and the fun of playing the game itself has proved to be an irresistible combination for football fans.

Types of Match Attax Cards

As with all collectible card games. Match Attax cards come in several different availability levels, ranging from the most common and least expensive, all the way to some of the rarer and more expensive cards, which can cost as much as

a trip to the match for the entire family. The good news is that almost any card can be found in the right random pack, but there is no way to tell exactly which cards are in any given pack before the buyer opens it. Most cards are available in sealed packets of five cards each. In addition to the regular Match Attax cards, there are also Match Attax Extra cards, which are released in January and reflect changes made within the league in the first part of the season. While the Extras make up a smaller set, these cards are normally sold in packets of 10, as opposed to the five sold in the standard set.

Standard Match Attax Packet

The standard packet contains most of the cards. Each sealed packet provides a random assortment of five cards which can include such special cards as Super-skill cards, Star Player and Star Signing foil cards, Man of the Match Cards, and Premier League Legends. There are also 100 Club Special cards that can be found in these packets which ultimately form the building blocks of any collection.

Match Attax Starter Pack

This pack contains all a fan needs to start a Match Attax collection, from the playing pitch to a hardbound binder to store the cards. It also includes a collectors wall chart to track the collection as well as a Limited Edition card and a special referee card. Two standard Match Attax packets round out the collection.

Match Attax Collectors Tin

The collectors tin is a great way for any Match Attax fan to build a collection. Each tin contains no less than 51 Match Attax cards, including four foil cards, a Man of the Match, a Legend card, and a Special Limited Edition card. It also includes a game chip and the rules.

Match Attax Extra Packet

This packet holds 10 cards, up from the regular five, including Hat Trick Heroes, Captains, and all the new signings and squad updates. It also can include a new Man of the Match series or Hundred Club Player. These packets are any fan's best resource for keeping their side up to date.

Match Attax Extra Starter Pack

This pack includes a new wall chart to reflect the updates, a binder to store the cards, and 10 player cards including an Exclusive Limited Edition. These are a great way for fans to know exactly what they need in order to bring their squad up to date.

For those who are wondering where they can find different rarities of cards, the following table should help:

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